III Russian Interindustry Summit
Industry 4.0: Digital Plant
September 17-18, 2020 Moscow
Intersectoral platform for dialogue between industry representatives and industry professionals in the field of information technology and equipment, government agencies and expert community. As a result of participation in the Russian Intersectoral Summit "Industry 4.0: Digital Plant" you will become part of a global instruction with practical tools for the transition of industrial enterprises to Digital Plant, in addition you will find new potential customers and partners, as well as reach an agreement on new contracts.
General Statistics
business meetings
Structure of participants
Head structures of VIOC,
Subsidiary structures of VIOC and OGPD
Small and medium-sized
mining companies
Major contractors
and Service companies
SRI and SC,
State structures
Why is it necessary to participate?
Participation in the Summit is one of the best investments in the development of your business, which will pay back in the first
3 months after the participation.
Make Contracts
Do you communicate with market colleagues who are interested in developing their business and are ready for dialogue.It is reasonably possible to make profitable contracts.
Enhance the Company image
Participation in the Summit confirms the seriousness of your business. You increase brand awareness in the professional environment and strengthen the position of the company.
Access to the global market
The largest companies will share their personal experience and advise on real steps to get out of a situation. Within one day you will learn a lot of useful information that will help to transform business and accelerate its growth.
Receive feedback on your developments
Practitioners of various industries consider your development. In a live discussion, you will get exhaustive feedback. You will leave the Summit with a full view of the integrated development of the project. Moreover: following the analysis of other technologies, you will understand how to apply them for your company.
Among the participants
Choose a convenient participation format
Opportunity to present fully your developments, results of research and successful practical solutions. The status of the sponsor will emphasize the level of your company, as one of the industry leaders, and a complex set of options (beginning from making a report and ending with helping to organize business meetings) guarantees you maximum return on participation.
Focus Exhibition
Individual place for negotiations on Summit site. This is a marketing tool to get new customers. You will be able to familiarize each participant of the conference with your services or products.
Delegatory participation
Access to the business community of the industry to negotiate yourself with interesting participants. These are new categories of customers. This is an empowerment.
Summit VIP-person
Pascal Barbier
Summit VIP-person
Thomas Menze
Senior Consultant
ARC Advisory Group
Among Speakers 2020
Vladimir Korovkin
Moscow School of
Management Skolkovo
Andrey Kirsanov
Russian Helicopters
Denis Fedotov
Gazprom neft'
Fedor Buzhov
Kirov Plant
Konstantin Artamonov
Gazprom neft'
Boris Voskresensky
Aleksandr Tyul'kanov
Nikita Utkin
Technical Committee 194
Cyber-Physical Systems
Artyom Saltanov
Aleksey Borovkov
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Sergey Putin
Konstantin Meshcherin
Что говорят о Саммите
Sergei Lonshakov
This is the first event that started using the term "Cyberphysical system." This is the best term in Industry 4.0, but for some reason it is usually not spoken from the stage. I liked it because I have heard good reports and talked with talented engineers. Thanks!
Yanа Krukhmalevа
Впечатления положительные. Меня порадовала публика и интересные доклады… Мы познакомились с коллегами, которые предлагают свои современные решения. Отмечу также систему сбора обратной связи с участников. Это очень важно для оптимизации процессов работы организаторов Саммита.
Tatiana Radchenko
Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation
The main advantage of the Summit is that many guests were presented a lot of possible solutions and tasks. It seems that every Summit participant will leave the event with a lot of information.
Nikita Utkin
Cyber-Physical Systems
The subjects and questions that were proposed for discussion and the answers to them are very interesting. I should note both the cases of industrial enterprises and defense industry enterprises, which is not typical of our conversation. It was pleasant to listen to colleagues consultants. This all confirms the general interest in the subject of digital transformation.
The result of the participation in the Summit
Presentation of your solutions and equipment
Interaction with government organizations
New contacts of potential customers and partners
Access to industry information from community experts
Information support
Venue: Moscow
According to the results of an independent study by the agency insideconference ENSO in 2018 was ranked among the TOP 100 conference organizers in the Russian market, including among foreign players operating in Russia.

ENSO has more than 8 years of experience in organizing and conducting closed industry events in the Summit format.

Under the Summit, we do not mean the meeting of heads of state and corporations, but the meeting of decision makers in the development strategy of companies, the introduction of new technologies, the procurement of equipment and the conclusion of partnership agreements.

Among the participants of our events are constantly present as strategic managers (general directors, development directors, commercial directors, etc.) and technical managers (technical directors, chief geologists and engineers, etc.)

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